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Thursday, December 01, 2005
Catholic Church vows to keep homosexuality out of the priesthood.


The Vatican's instructions said men with "deep-seated homosexual tendencies" cannot be admitted to seminaries, but those with a "transitory problem" that had been overcome for at least three years could be admitted.

Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski, author of the document, elaborated on the meaning of "transitory" problems:

"For example, during an adolescence not yet completed, some curiosity; or, under accidental circumstances, when drunk; or other particular conditions such as a person who has a been in prison for many years. In these cases, the possible homosexual acts donot come from a deeply seated tendency, but are determined by the circumstances", he said.

"Or, these acts are made to please someone and obtain advantages...These acts in such cases donot originate from a deeply seated tendency, but from other transitory circumstances, and these cases are not an obstacle to the admission to the seminary or to holy order. In this case, though, they have to end at least three years before the diaconal ordainment".

(Associated Press)

My Personal Comments on this:

1. "deep seated homosexual tendencies"
...so all of the transvestite and cross dresser, need not apply.

2. "transitory problem"
...so now, if one's homosexual tendency(cies) and problem(s) that comes like hot flashes, has now the chance to enter the seminary and become a priest.

3. "during adolescence not yet completed, some curiosity; or, under accidental circumstances, when drunk; or other particular conditions such as person who has been in prison for many years"

....like, when you are entering the seminary, they might ask you questions like this:

"by the way son..did you by chance happen to experiment having sex with another man or boy to see if you like it during your puberty?" or,

"Did you by chance happen to fondle somebody's genitals or had oral sex by accident with Joe, while you were playing ball?

or..."Excuse me..while you were incarcerated, did you by chance tried to have sex, oral and anal with another inmate while you're on vacation in the slammer? have you already stopped the practice?"

3. "Or, these acts are made to please someone and obtain advantages....."

so...if you want to enter the seminary and you were once a male prostitute or did something special for Mr. Smith, so that you can buy your own iPod, you can be a candidate to enter the seminary.

From news services

Catholics are far from the only major denominations or religion wrestling with the issue of homosexuals' fitness to serve as religious leaders. Episcoplaians, Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Jews -- all are deeply divided on the matter. Many clergy scholars say ordination of gays is the most explosive issue in the religion in the U.S.

Episcopal Church
Two years ago, the church elected the first openly gay bishop. At the same time, it agreed to let bishops create local blessing ceremonies for same-sex couple. The votes, however, have deeply divided the church.

Reform Judaism, themost liberal of the three major Jewish movements, has accepged openly gay clergy since 1978. And in 2000, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, themain organization of Reform rabbis, agreed to permist blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples. The other two major movements in Judaism, Orthodox and Conservative, will not ordain openly gay or allow same-sex blessing ceremonies.

United Church of Christ
The United Church of Christ endorsed gay marriages at its 2005 gathering.

Southern Baptist Convention
Opposes same-sex unions, religious or civil, and does not accept openly gay clergy.

United Methodists
The denominations' Web site says,"The practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching. Therefore, self-avowed practicing homosexuals are not to be certified as candidates, ordained as ministers or appointed to serve in the United Methodists Church".

Presbyterian Church
Has voted twice in the past decade not to allow the ordination of openly gay clergy. The issue is to come up again at the denomination's 2006 General Assembly.

Black Churches
Virtually all major, traditionally African-American denominations oppose openly gay clergy and same-sex blessing ceremonies.

Muslims consider homosexuality to be immoral and reject the pissibility of same-sex marriage.

This faith encompasses a wide spectrum of beliefs about homosexuality. The sacred texts most widely accepted by Hindus donot address the issue.

The U.S. Evangelical Lutheran Church rejects the ordination of sexually active gay and lesbian clergy. Current policy allows homosexual ordiantion, but requires sexual abstinence.

Orthodox Churches
Orthodox Christian churches are strongly opposed to gay clergy, gay marriages or the blessing of same-sex unions.

(Source: Associated Press, Reuters, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News)
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