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Friday, November 25, 2005
The best way to prevent a hangover? Don't Drink. The second best way? Memorize these step by step rules from David Clayton, MD, and internist and the author of The Healthy Guide to Unhealthy Living.

Before you go out.....
Drink two glasses of water.
One of the main hangover symptoms is dehydration,
so load up on liquids in advance.

Have a burger.
"A fatty preparty meal will stay in your stomach longer than
lean protein and slow absorption of alcohol." says Dr. Calyton.

While you're drinking.....

Stick to clear alcohol.
Dark liquors (think brandy or whiskey)
have more of the toxins that cause next day nausea and headaches.
Avoid caffeinated mixers like Red Bull.
Caffeine can make dehydration worse.

On your way home.....

Grab a snack.
Eating a meal with lots of comple carbs --
a slice of veggie pizza or a bean burrito --
will help stave off a dip in blood sugar that can aggravate
hangover symptoms.

(Source: Abstracted from: GLAMOURMAG)

*1). Why does drinking hit women harder than men?
"Women have less of the enzymes that digest alcohol than men do." says addiction expert Nassima Ait-Daoud,MD., of the University of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville.

*2). Why do some people get hangovers while others don't?
Some women (and men) produce less of the chemicals that break down alcohol's toxins, so they're the people who suffer most the morning after.

*3). Do hangovers really ge worse as you get older?
Possible, says Dr. Ait-Daoud. "There's natural, gradual slowing of our body functions, including the alcohol-filtering systems in the kidneys and liver.

(By:Kimberly Tranell)

(From GLAMOUR MAG/Health and BodyBook)
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