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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
A last goodbye to those we lost in 2005

* Rosa Parks *
Civil rights hero, indicating that her decision to sit in the white section of the bus was an act of defiance.

* Luther Vandross *
R & B artist who contued winnng Grammy eight in all -- even afger a debilitating stroke in 2003.

* Pope John Paul II *
A Protestant onlooker at one of Karol Wojtyla's 104 road trips once cracked, "You got a Pope who knows how to Pope."

* Philip Johnson *
Modernist and later postmodernist architect who championed the glass box skyscraper.

* Peter Jennings *
Award winning ABC anchorman who presented Wordl New Tonight for 20 years.

* William Westmoreland *
General who led U.S. troops in Vietnam and later advocated for their due recognition at home.

* Johnnie Cochran *
Legal supertar whose catchpharse about a bloody glove helped in O.J. Simpson acquitted in 1995.

* Prince Rainer III *
The storybook sovereign who wed Hollywood star Grace Kelly.

* Richard Pryor *
Racy comedian who never shied from topics like drug abuse, race relations and his multiple sclerosis.

* Paul Bellow *
Nobel prize winnign author of Herzog and Humboldt's Gift.

* Hunter Thompson *
Gonzo journalist and author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas who shot and killed himself.

* Eugene McCarthy *
War opponent and 1968 presidential candiate.

* Zhao Ziyang *
Chinese leader, urging students in vain to leave Tiananmen square before the 1989 massacre.

* Ibrahim Ferrer *
Cuban singer, on the Buena Vista Social Clubs hit 1997 album.

* William Renquist *
Elegant in prose and unpretentious in manner, led the supreme court for nearly 19 year with a rare combination of efficiency and amiability.

* Simon Wiesentahl *
Holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter who tracked down 1,100 war criminals.

* Johnny Carson *
His charm was unflagging, his manner cool and easy, his jokes precision guided.

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