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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
The largest total philanthropic gifts by individuals in 2004.

No.1) Bill and Melinda Gates
US$3.35 billion
The Microsoft chairman's and his wife pledge to the Gates Foundation -- which committed more than US$ 1 billion to global health alone this year -- will increase its endowment to nearly US$32 billion, by far the largest in the world.

No. 2)Susan T. Buffett
US$ 2.55 billion
The wife of Berkshire Hathaway founder left 31,707 shares of company stock largely to her foundation dedicted to college scholarships and medical research.

No. 3) John M. Templeton
US$ 550 million
The former investor pledged the money to his foundation to study the relationship between science, religion and health.

No. 4) Caroline Wiess Law
US$ 450 million
The oil heiress and art collector's bequest -- as well as her many paintings -- went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and two medical schools.

No. 5) George D. Cornell
US$196 million
The former New York banker with ties to IBM left a huge bequest to his alma mater, Rollins College, in Winter Park, Fla. and 61 oganizations.

No. 6) Leo A. and Kay K. Drey
US$180 million
The St. Louis, Mo., businessman and his wife donated Pioneer Forest, 146,000 acres in the Ozarks, to their L-A-D Foundation, which promotes environmentally friendly land management.

No. 7) Pier and Pam Omidyar
US$173 million
The eBay founder and his wife, who created a non profit group to help sick children cope with disease, have also provided seed money for philanthropic groups.

No. 8) Bernard Marcus
US$161 million
The Home Depot co-Founder used his foundation to finance the Gergia Aquarium, which opened in Atlanta in November.

No. 9) Sidney E. Frank
US$ 142 million
The creator of the Grey Goose vodka brand could afford only one year of tuition at Brown University. Now he has given the school millions.

No.10) Michael Bloomberg
US$138 million
New York City's billionaire mayor spread's his media empire wealth among more than 600 groups, supporting the arts, health care and social services.

Generosity's Deep Roots

Wealthy Americans have been creating ways to give away their time and money for generations.

John Hopkins
(1795 - 1873)
a railrod investor and merchant, leaves US$7 million to found a unviersity and hospital.

Margaret Olivia
Slocum Sage
(1828 - 1918)
a banking heiress creates the Russell Sage Foundation, which offers grants to improve living conditions. Her total gift is estiamted at US$ 80 million.

Andrew Carnegie
(1835 - 1919)
a Scottish born steel baron, defines charity as a moral imperative and gives away more than US$350 million in his lifetime through the Carnegie Foundation.

John D. Rockefeller
(1839 - 1937)
a founder of Standard Oil and the richest man of his time. His US$ 450 million in contribution to public health through the Rockefeller Foundation sets a precedent for the Gates Foundation.

Madam C.L. Walker
an African-American self made millionaire, supports social and educational institutions witht he profits from her hair care and cosmetic business.

Henry Ford
(1863 - 1947)
the automotive pioneer, establish the Ford Foundation in Michigan with US$25,000. Now a nationwide force, it has more than US$11 billion.

John D. (1897 - 1978)and Catherine T. MacArthur (1909 - 1981) start their namesake foundation with the vast wealth from his insurance company, Bankers Life. Today the foundation's assets are estimated at US$ 5 billion.

(Source:TIME MAGAZINE/Person of the Year Issue)
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