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Thursday, August 14, 2008
Drinking at least 2-3 liters of water every day acts as a defense against bacteria that causes plaque and cavities. Rinsing your mouth with water every time you eat something washes away the trapped food that decomposes in mouth that will only lead to bad breath.

Eat a handful of raw celery, carrots and spinach every day. doing so will produce plenty of saliva, which will neutralize bacteria stretococcus that causes cavities. Additionally it massages gums and cleans between teeth.

Green Tea:
Green tea kills the bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath. It also wipes out bacteria that turn sugar into plaque. Drink nearly 5 cups of green tea everyday. It is better if you drink tea that is made of previous day and kept in thermos.

Sesame seeds:
Sesame seeds help you slough off plaque and build tooth enamel. It also helps preserve the bone around your teeths and gums. You can add them in salads or steamed vegetables at least three times a week.

Cheese provides several benefits to your teeth as it has low carbohydrates and high calcium and phosphate content. These factors will help to balance an acidic pH that encourages the growth of cavity causing bacteria. It also preserves and rebuilds tooth enamel and produces saliva that kills the bacteria and causes cavities and gum diseases.

Kiwi and strawberries:
The tropical fruit kiwi and local strawberries have highest Vitamin C content. To stop the break down of collagen network in your gums that makes your gums tender and more susceptible to the bacteria eat sliced kiwi or a cup of strawberries early in the morning.

Edible East Asian Mushrooms:
Shiitake Mushrooms or edible East Asian mushrooms having a golden or dark brown to blackish cap prevent mouth bacteria from creating plaque. Get started by adding 4-5 slices of shiitake to soups.

Onions and garlic:
They just remind you of the stinking smell that they leave behind when eaten raw. However a lab test proves that onions and garlic kill various types of bacteria. So, don't forget to include them in salads and sandwiches every day. Chewing mint leaves and parsley after such a meal will let you have a sweet smelling breath whole day long. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth later.

(Source:Suburban Woman North Shore by: Dr. Alla Aver, DDS)
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