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Monday, November 27, 2006
The world is consuming more fish....
which could lead to the extinction of many species.


U.S.A - 5.5 million tons.

South America - 5.9 million tons.

Peru - 10.5 million tons.

Norway - 2.9 million tons.

Russia - 10.8 million tons.

China - 16.3 million tons.

Inida - 3.1 million tons.

Thailand - 2.9 million tons.

South Korea - 1.7 million tons.

Indonesia - 5.6 million tons.

Japan - 4.9 million tons.

1. STURGEON - This ancient fish was around at the time of the dinosaurs. Its eggs (true caviar) are a gourmet delicacy, but sturgeons of the Caspian Sea are nearing extinction.

2. PACIFIC SALMON - Nearly 30 runs fo salmon in Washington and Oregaon are endangered due to construction of dams and habitat loss. However, Alaska's salmon population thrives.

3. GROUPER - These sendentary, long-living fish dwell in deep waters and reproduce for short periods. They're overfished in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida's west coast and in Hawaii.

4. RED SNAPPER - Not to be confused with "Pacific red", they are heavily fished in the Gulf of Mexico, exported by Mexico and Brazil and listed as overfished by the U.S. in 1980.

5. BLUEFIN TUNA - One fo the world's most valuable fish, these 300-lb. giants are favored for shushi. The Atlantic population has declined almost 90% since the 1970's.

6. SWORDFISH - It was overfished in the late 1980s, but public pressure led to tighter regulations, which helped the species rebound. Today most of the swordfish Americans eat is imported.

7. ATLANTIC COD - Its abundance attracted Europeans settlers to America, but recent overfishing has altrered the ecosystem. Scientists say we are fishing the last 10% of this species.

8. CHILEAN SEA BASS - The trendiness of this fish, also called the Patagonian toothfish, could be its downfall. The fish is often caught illegally, especially in the remote waters of the Antarctic.

9. SHARKS - Almost all are in trouble in part because they mature slowly and bear few offspring. They are being hunted to extinction. Often to make traditional delicacies like shark-fin soup.

(Source: Sea Around Us;Fisheries Center, University of British Columbia, Vancouver; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations;Monterey Bay Acquarium;NOAA Fisheries Service)
(Source: Abstrated from TIMEMAG by: UnmeshKher
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