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Saturday, August 26, 2006
No matter how smart you are, you have probably made mistakes at one time or another. But it's also very likely that you will find some mistakes cause you more trouble than others. The following quiz can help you zero in on those chapters that will be most interest to you.

Rate your reaction to the following fifty statements on a scale of 0 to 4, with 0 representing the least relevance to your life and 4 representing the most relevance to your life. Put an X in one block before each statement. Scoring directions will be found at the end of the quiz.

Think of the numbers in this ways:

0 means: There is no time in my life when this statement would apply to me.

1 means : There have been rare instances when I have felt this way.

2 means : I sometimes feel this like this.

3 means : I frequently feel like this.

4 means : I feel this statement applies to me most of the time.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (1). I overreact to minor problems.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (2). Others accuse me of making mountains out of molehills.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4_/ (3). I am pretty excitable.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (4). There's no point in trying because I know that nothing will work.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (5). I know in advance that things will go wrong.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (6). I can tell what others are thinking.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (7). People who are close to you should know what you want.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (8). You can always tell what people are tjinking from their body language.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (9). When people spend time together, they become attuned to each other's thoughts.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (10).I've been upset about what I thought someone was thinking -- then found that I was wrong.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (11).It's my responsibility to keep my loved ones happy.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (12).When things go wrong, I always feel its' my fault.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (13).I find I am criticized more than other people.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (14).You can tell when people are attacking you -- they don't have to be specific or mention your name.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (15).I feel I've been unfairly blamed for things that are beyond my control.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (16).I get into trouble because of overconfidence.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (17).My confidence in myself seems to put people off.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (18). I feel that if you are successful in one thing, you can be equally successful in anything.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (19).Other people have been responsible for my failures.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (20).Once you achieve success, you can relax because momentum keeps you at the same level.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (21).People have a way of honing in on the areas where I am most sensitive to criticism.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (22).I have a sixth sense about criticism. I can always tell when people mean me.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (23).Negative comments from others can really hurt me, even make me feel depressed.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (24).I hear negative comments and dismiss compliments.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (25).I think all comments have about equal weight.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (26).I get upset if I leave something unfinished.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (27).Being considered "just average" or "one of the crowd" is an insult.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (28).I'd rather turn in no work at all rather than turn in work that is below the standard I have set for myself.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (29).It's important to me that others see me as someone who never deviates from impeccable standards.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (30).Even a small mistake is enough to ruin my day - or my life.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (31).Compared to others, I'm a loser.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (32).I'm very competitive.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (33).Hearing about the success of others upsets me.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (34).Not being where I ought to be now gets me down.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (35).I think you have to make comparisons with others if you want to be successful.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (36).The world is a very dangerous place.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (37).You have to be very careful about what you do and say if you don't want to get into trouble.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (38).I don't like to take chances.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (39).I've lost some opportunities because I wasn't willing to take a risk.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (40).I avoid doing things if I think I could get hurt or be rejected.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (41).I feel guilty about something I should have done in the past.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (42).I believe it's important to live by the rules.

0/-/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (43).When I look at the past I see more failure than success.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (44).I feel under pressure to do the right thing.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (45).I find myself overwhelmed by all the things I need to do.

0/-/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (46).The opinions of others dont' matter to me.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (47).People accuse me of not listening to them.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (48).I feel defensive when people ask-or tell-me to do somehting.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (49).I think things should be done my way or no way.

0/_/2/_/3/_/4/_/ (50).I tend to procrastinate. I even put off doing important things.

How to Score Your Answers
Look at the pattern of X's you have drwan. If you find that, next to every statement, you have marked only those boxes numbered 0 or 1, then you have very little difficulty with these mistakes - and probably very little difficulty in dealing with the challenges of your life.

However, most people will find that they have marked a 2 or aboe to at least some of the questions. Where that is the case you may very well find a cluster of X's in ther higher numbers. Those clusters provide a clue to the particular mistkaes of thinking that are most troublesome to you.

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