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Saturday, August 12, 2006
DEPRESSION ..........
People with bipolar disorder can live full lives with appropriate treament. You can, too. Only a health care provider can evaluate, diagnose, and prescribe appropriate treatment. But you can start by answering the questions below, which are intended only to help you talk to your doctor. Regardless of your answers, be sure to share them with your doctor.

1. Has there ever been a period of time when you were not your usual self and ....

... you felt so good or so hyper that other people thought you were normal self, or you were so hyper that you got into trouble? /__/YES /__/NO

... you were so irritable that you shouted at people or started fights and arguments? /__/YES /__/NO

... you were much more talkative and/or spoke much faster than usual? /__/YES /__/NO

... thoughts raced through your head and/ or you could'nt slow your mind down?
/__/YES /__/NO

... you were so easily distracted by things around you that you had active and/or did many more things than usual? /__/YES /__/NO

... you have much more energy than usual? /__/YES /__/NO

... you were much more active and/or did many more things than usual? /__/YES /__/NO

... you were much more social or outgoing than usual -- for exmaple, you telephone friends in the middle of the night? /__/YES /__/NO

... yow were much more interested in sex than usual? /__/YES /__/NO

... you did things that were unusual for you or that other people might have thought were excessive, foolish or risky? /__/YES /__/NO

... spending money got you or your family into trouble? /__/YES /__/NO

2. If you checked "YES" to more than one of the above, have you experienced several of these during the same period of time?

3. How much of a problem did any of these situations cause you (like being unable to work; having family, money, or legal problems, and/or getting into serious arguments or fights?

No problem /__/
Minor problem /__/
Moderate problem /__/
Serious problem /__/

(Source: Robert M A. Hirschfield, MD/contact: isitreallydepression.com
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