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Thursday, June 16, 2005
(all highlighted words are INTERJECTONS taken from the book ZOUNDS, a Dictionary of Interjections)

... the greatest thing in the world for me now, is to let my feelings be kept a secret from my parents,even though my boyfriend told me -- it was BALONEY, when i told him how much i love him. it hurts me very much when we parted and how he said his goodbye by telling me, SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR,TOODLE-LOO, AU REVOIR, SAYONARA.

... i left the park in tears and said softly to myself that i will not make the same mistake again, NO WAY JOSE. what this ASSHOLE did to me i will not forget and i will not let another JACKASS do it again to me, ever again. i will let all these SHITHEADS, GIGOLO have the TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE -- SHIT, , i will stand up and be myself again -- UH-HUH. i will survive, AMEN, i will survive.

... ALAS, i have found another boy, OH MY, OH BOY. i will never let this one go and slip away, he is so YUM-YUM and MAMA MIA his eyes is so tantalizing and SHUCKS my heart is beating KA-BOOM. i felt so embarrassed when i asked him about his previous girlfriends and then he kissed me and told me that all the stories i hear from others about him are all BALONEY and all CRAP created by SHITHEADS who are trying to PULL MY LEGS to destroy his reputation.

... he hug me and whispered into my ears, NO WAY i will let you go, you are MY HEAVEN and my sunshine. i will always be his ONE AND ONLY

... when he kissed me, i felt BUTTERFLIES IN MY STOMACH, NO WAY, will i ever let this HUNK get away and slip away from me again. he kissed me passionately and with GUSTO. i have never experienced to be FRENCH KISSED before. it was FAR OUT, i am in HEAVEN!!

... looking back, i can how stupid i was, falling into the trap of my ex-boyfriend. he was such a JERK and a JACKASS,YUCK what a DEAD BEATMAN. he was.

... then i met this girlfriend of mine, that i have not seen for a long time, she just drop by the house and started telling stories about herself and her sex live. she just hop into the house and yelled, SURPRISE! SURPRISE! i got startled and the bitch yelled again and said, GOTCHA! she said she has plenty of SHIT to tell me and UM-PAH and all that CRAP. some stories she said to me, that i won't believe, so she said CROSS MY HEART AND HOPE TO DIE, BULL SHITTING me, she said all the boys that she SHACK up with, are all FAR OUT and DUH and they are all HUNG.

... so, we finally got thru with all the YADDAH YADDAH and all the BLA BLA BLA BLA of this bitch friend of mine and she left the house. what a relief.

... now i am all by myself at the house, my mom and dad will come home later. waiting at the window for my mom and dad, some boys passed by infront of the hosue and started their usual SHIT and one of them said, OOOPS pretending he is trying to check something near the window of my house where i am sitting. and so i said to this ASSHOLE, SHOO, why dont you TAKE A HIKE and GET LOST.

... finally my dad came home --- picked me up and said to me that i was her PRINCESS, i was the SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE, and i was his only girl in the whole wide world.

... i am happy to be home....HOME SWEET HOME!!

... my name is MISTY, i am a pure breed BICHON FRISE and i love my masters in this beautiful, loving house.
posted by infraternam meam @ 1:31 PM  
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