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Friday, June 10, 2005
For many obese individuals, vigorous physical activity presents some special challenges. Here's how the experts suggests you get started:

** Short and Frequent.
Aim to exercise often even two or three times a day, but keep the sessions short and sweet (10 to 15 minutes is plenty). If it hurts, stop, and if you dread your workout, change it. The pursuit of fitness should be pleasure, not a punishment.

** Take care of your skin.
One of the most troublesome problems large exercisers face is chafing, especially of the thighs. Minimize the problem by wearing form fitting clothes, preferably a synthetic fabric that wicks away sweat. When it's time to hit the showers, use antibacterial soap and dry all body folds well.

** Be kind to your joints.
Exercise can qualify as cardio-vascular without giving your joints a pounding. Take a gym spin on a recumbent bike, pump an elliptical trainer or enroll in a water aerobics class. Concentrate on strengthening upper leg muscles, especially the quadriceps. That will, in turn, ease the strain on knees.

** Stretch carefully.
Limbering up is important for everyone, but overweight exercisers should stay away from stretches that strain the lower back, including that classic from gym class, the toe-tocuhing drill.

** Mind your footwear.
Sturdy running shoes usually offer the best support, even if you don't plan to run. Be sure your shoes are roomy, and keep your toenails cut short. Increased pressure on feet stuffed into sneakers that are too snug can lead to nagging problems with both nails and toes.

(abstracted from TIMEMAG/Accepting Your Body/Getting Fit by: David Bjerklie)
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